Debriefing Creativity Probe

After we had done the three creativity probe activities, play with food, building chateau, and the speech bubbles, beside the two questionnaires, the team decided to work with the data we got. First is to let the selected students focus on their upcoming finals.

Besides, the amount of work that needs to be done by the end of the quarter and presented in the vernissage.


The main benefit of the creativity probe was to see how the surrounding environment affects creativity in people and how it can facilitated.

We affinitized and analyzed the students’ work in two different methods. First, contrasted their work with each other’s, and the level of their different work each student had done. We all agreed that creativity is immeasurable.

Furthermore, our team can’t exactly tell how creativity is being facilitated in Lacoste by the activities the students had done. Due to limited time in Lacoste, we could not analyze more varieties of students’ work.

Eventually, after we distributed the speech bubble activity, we only received from one student. This gave us the perception that students were busy in their own classes work.


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