Countdown to Vernissage!

As crazy as it sounds, the quarter is coming to a close and we have been busy planning for the upcoming Vernissage (an exposition of work done by the students).There are a couple projects in the works that we can’t wait to share with everyone when we’re done. But just to give you all a sneak peek, this week we are going through all the Napkin Sketch and Creativity Probe results, putting together a Creativity book, and working on our version of a Process book. And that’s just the beginning!

For the Creativity book we went through all the pictures that we had been collecting as a class. We selected and catalogued each picture according to which category it fell under: push and pull, look and see, think and do, touch and feel, and enjoy. Using these pictures we created a book that explains and shows how we see and define creativity.


We’ve also been discussing how to show and document our process in an interesting way that can also facilitate creative thinking. It was an extensive process, but we finally settled on how we want to effectively share what our class has been working on while here in Lacoste.


We wanted to use what we have been doing with the Napkin Sketch and Creativity Probe as a guide or toolkit on how one can become more creative.



To see our progress check back with us, we’ll have another update soon!


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