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Paris Pop-up Event

We are so excited to leave for Paris tomorrow! Part of our high spirits stems from anticipation for a pop-up event we have planned for Tuesday morning at the Eiffel tower (weather permitting). Hopefully there will be lots of tourists well as native Parisians to engage with. Hint: it will involve speech bubbles!



Sticks and Stones

Hey everyone! So here’s a follow up to our last post. If you recall, at the end of our Studio Open House we passed out kits for everyone to take with them. It was a Creative Probe kit that contained materials for the next activity. It included all found and natural materials: rocks, twigs, pinecones, and dried flowers.

What we asked them to do was to create a representation of the Chateau de Sade using these materials and they were allowed to use one additional material if they wished. They were also asked to take pictures and e-mail them to us by Saturday. We honestly didn’t know what to expect but were really excited by the outcome. We received responses from almost everyone that got a kit, and every creation was different and unique. This is a picture of the actual Chateau:


And here are some of our favorites from among the responses:


by Anna Quinlivan


by Beth Wiza


by Joshua Anwyll


by Sophie Reich

Studio Open House

Throughout this project we have been discussing different ways to engage the students here in Lacoste and how to get everyone excited and more involved. We arrived at the conclusion that bringing them into our process would garner more interest and participation. We also wanted to have a set group of people who would be willing to commit to the project throughout the rest of the quarter. Our idea was to have an informal gathering with the 17 students we had previously selected, invite them to our studio space, and take them through everything we have been working on, from the creativity wall, to the Napkin sketch and Cultural Probes.

E-mails were sent out to the the 17 students as well as invited personally by one of us to come (since not everyone checks their inbox consistently). The gathering was planned for Wednesday night right after the Professor Lecture Series as the studio is right by the Maison Forte where the lecture is held. Everyone was welcome to stop by and check out the work that we, as well as their fellow students, have done thus far.


After a brief introduction about our project, we explained our thought process behind the Creativity Wall and how it came about.


This led into an explanation about the Napkin Sketch and Cultural Probe activities we have been asking them to do.

It was a great turnout and the students had a lot of fun looking at all the sketches, pictures, and Post-it’s in the studio. Everyone seemed to be more enthusiastic once they knew more about the project which is exactly what we were hoping for. It was also a great opportunity for us to distribute the kits for our next Cultural Probe which we will explain in an upcoming post.


Stay tuned to see what else the students in Lacoste create!

Affinitizing the Napkin Sketches

We began affinitizing the results of our napkin sketch workshops using the second-tier categories developed from our Creativity Wall:

look & see

think & do

touch & feel

push & pull

. . . & enjoy

While narratives and problem-solving submissions were easy to categorize, abstractions (mostly related to the “depict your personality with shapes and symbols” prompt), were far more difficult to place. We are still working through this pile to determine whether these submissions fall under an existing category or whether the creation of a new category is necessary.

Stay tuned for the insights we pull from this process!